Welcome to GahNoo's blog!

Hi, and welcome to my blog! I'm a sysadmin / developer / electronics enthusiast.

This is a personal blog of mine in which every so often I'll post articles about some of the little things in Linux and Unix that haven't been documented very well yet, or I just want to talk about.

For now, it's just a very brutalist-inspired couple of nibbles that I got tired of rewriting all the time.
Super fast of course, although I could throw in a couple of frameworks like polyfill, jQuery and such to make it feel more like Web 3.0 I guess. And instead of hand-writing it, use a pluginfest like WordPress.
I feel like IoT toaster compatibility is a little bit better though.

In a way with far more expletives, this, this and this put the point across far better than I could. And honestly, I share their frustration with the modern web. This is what the web could be like. Under the skirt it's just another website.. minus all the bloat. Each webpage here is between 1 and 10kB large.

This is a website dedicated to minimalism and squeezing as much performance out of arbitrary hardware as possible. As the Arch people would put it, keep it simple stupid!

This website now also hosts a Gitea server. You can find that and my code here.